Spiders tend to evoke two images – webs and bites. Webs are often associated with abandoned, neglected, or haunted houses, while the animals themselves bring to mind the image of a painful or deadly bite. Spiders spin webs so they can catch insects for their food and even larger and stronger insects cannot escape.

The immediate question – “Is this a black widow or brown recluse?” A spider’s bite can kill insects and other small animals. A few kinds of spiders are harmful to human beings. In North America, six kinds of spiders harm people, they are – the Brown Recluse, Sac, Black Widow, Brown Widow, Red-legged Widow and the Varied Widow. Four of the Widow females are known to bite humans. The bites of these six spiders often cause mild reactions. Usually a person irritates a spider several times for it to bite you.”

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